How do I do ❌?

This will (hopefully) be a thread for us to share our knowledge. Feel free to ask questions; with any luck, another savvy Mutant will have the answers for you!

To start us off:

This is how I extract gifs using a phone/tablet. It’s probably not much different using a computer:

  • Long-press on the gif you want to grab until the bar with Copy GIF Address appears. Click on it to save the GIF address to your Clipboard.

  • Navigate to’s Video-to-GIF Converter, and paste the address into the OR paste video URL box. Hit the Upload Video! button.

  • At this point I usually play through the video to make sure the endpoint is set properly. If you like, you can also adjust the size of the graphic-- longer or larger videos tend to make larger GIFs. If you’re all set, hit the Convert to GIF! button.

  • Once the GIF is loaded, you can save it to your phone/tablet/computer in the usual way. If it winds up too large to post, you can select Resize or Optimize for compression options to make the file smaller.

Please note that this will NOT work on Twitter videos. EZGIF will generate an error message if you attempt to grab a video in this manner. There is a way to save videos, which I can post if there’s interest.


Frankly, I just clicked through to the article.


That’s even smarter! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


EZGIF is like a Swiss army knife for quick & easy manipulations.

Among other things, an uncomplicated way to convert WEBP files (which Discourse/BBS can’t handle) into a GIF or JPG.

Or to turn a mp4 video downloaded from Twitter into a GIF, including cutting the video.

Or opimize a GIF to a size under 4MB.



I freaking adore that site-- it’s terrific, and I use it a lot. It works well for captioning gifs, and it also lets you adjust a gif on a frame by frame level to rearrange or skip images as needed.


Thanks for starting this topic!

A few tips:

  • is a great reverse image search - if you want to know the origin of an image, or how old it is, or if it has been altered, tineye can do that.
  • will convert videos from one form to another for you for free.
  • Wikimedia Commons is the media library used by the Wikimedia Foundation (and by extension, Wikipedia). It is an amazing resource of images with clear rights information, if you find yourself suddenly needing to teach or create content from home and need somewhere to find pics that won’t get you in trouble from a copyright perspective.

Also good (for pictures that don’t move):

I can make a X-ALL-the-Y pic in under a minute without breaking a sweat…


BTW, it was @Melizmatic who pointed out EZGIF and PHIXR to me, and that turned out to be a gift that keeps on giving.


I wish this platform let you upload videos as well as gifs. 4 meg of video > 4 meg of gif.


Not as many options as ezgif, but good none the less.

ETA To grab a vid from Twitter, use the URL for the post it’s contained in, i.e.



When converting an animated WEBP to GIF it usually pays to invest a couple of clicks more to convert it first from WEBP into mp4 and then from mp4 into GIF.

This will:

  1. Make for a much smaller file.
  2. Prevent artefacts in the GIF.

Also really good:

No, it’s not anything like PhotoShop or Gimp, and it doesn’t claim or aim to be.
But it has some nice and easy-to-use features, like stitching several pictures together, converting formats, finding out which format a picture actually is in (IrfanView will just try to load the picture and will inform you if the file name extension is wrong), crop a pic, save a pic in a more compressed version, and so on.

I use it a lot to work on screenshots, just some quick-and-dirty annotations to add to an email to the helpdesk, or show coworkers how to do this or that.


It’s a bit like a graphical frontend to SoX but for images.


You can also use ezgif to convert images into other formats. I have used it many times to convert webp images to png format.


(In the event that someone is looking for a Photoshop alike program, I stumbled across Photopea while trying to make Reddit memes, and it lets you do almost all of the things Photoshop does, but it’s browser based and free and online.)


I get an “insecure site warning” when I try to go there.

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That’s odd. I’ve never got a warning.

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I think it just means that they don’t have ssl set up, so you can’t get a secure connection. And if you’re transferring local files up to it, that might be an issue, but I’d be inclined not to worry about it in this case.

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Started from the bottom, now we’re near: 16 years on, open-source vector graphics editor Inkscape draws close to v1.0