Online Spirograph




Did you know it’s mandatory to post this video on any story about spirographs?

think about it.


It’s just not the same if you can’t wear through the paper with the pen. :pensive:


Great for thinking Ptolemaic thoughts.


Oh, great! Another time sink! Just what I need…


Where’s @navarro


No user subs?


my wife had spinal surgery on thursday. she was released yesterday and we just got home. she seems to be recovering nicely but i’ve been away from the keyboard since wednesday.


Ouch! Best wishes to y’all for a speedy recovery.


thanks @crenquis


i prefer the tactile experience of using the original 1969 super spirograph equipment. this is a nice one i did–


you certainly can’t get the embossed paper effect from an online approach–


Definitely! I mss my old set… The web one doesn’t seem even to let ya use the outside of the ring shaped ones.


World Market has Spirograph kits in their stores right now, in the kids’ section. Not sure what the quality is. No question (it’s World Market) that the new version is made in China, which does not bode well.


You can get full vintage sets on ebay, and brand new sets on Amazon or at Toysrus.


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