Watch an artist create designs with enormous spirograph style cogs she made

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i’d buy a set of those wheels.


I remember the elementary school art teacher that turned us onto these, boy that was fun.


several years ago my wife gave me a mint condition super spirograph set just like the one i got when i was 9.


Muy Fabuloso!


If anything is crying out for a software implementation it’s a spirograph. Oh hey
check this out!


This is a wonderful thing, and fun to watch.

When I first read the title I envisioned Land of the Giants type HUGE cogs and colored pens.

(Actually a floor lamp)

There’s a story about the Japanese painter Hokusai having a giant sheet of paper created and laid out on the floor of a large room and using a broom as a brush and a big bucket of ink to create a painting on the room-sized sheet of paper.

That would have been fun to watch. Hokusai has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. I bought a cool book about him by James Michener at the Metropolitan Museum of Art bookstore when we lived in the Hudson River Valley.



Wow! I’ve never seen one with ‘assemble yourself’ parts for wheels, etc. Want! :wink:

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that’s the way they were sold originally in 68 and 69 when the spirograph and then the super spirograph came on the market. strangely enough, they were marketed for kids and they had all those easily broken, tiny plastic parts plus they had about two dozen little push-pins to hold the stationary frames down with. it was actually very difficult to make designs with the sets and required a lot of care and patience, things i had in short supply at 8 when i got my original set but which i had in abundance at 50 when i got my next one.

Oh, I had all the sharp pins and eminently swallowable pieces but at age 9 I think I could be trusted with these and even all the bits in your set. I have just never seen a set with parts that needed assembly. Never. Perhaps it was not sold in UK? Always wondered how those squares shapes happened. Given the bits at my disposal, it was a real mystery.

Sigh. The missed opportunities of youth.

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