Only 29 inches tall, Matthias Buchinger’s artistic accomplishment were gigantic

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Saw an exhibition of his work in New York. Unbelievable.


I’m puzzled by

…he arrived without arms or legs.

Wikipedia says "was born without hands or feet ".

He seems to have arms in the illustrations, and many of his feats (forgive me) are difficult to imagine without them, particularly the magic and marksmanship.

I heard Ricky Jay being interviewed on NPR about this and, as with all things Ricky Jay, I found it completely impossible to determine whether the whole thing is an elaborate hoax/performance. The involvement of the Metropolitan Museum at least vaguely points in the direction of “not-hoax,” but doesn’t sway me completely.

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The Wikipedia article on Buchinger seems to have been around since 2004… so… not yet debunked?

Reminded me of another public figure with no arms and legs and many mistresses who has been in the news recently:

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Talented, and a sexy rouge is a helluva package.

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