Oops! Couple accidentally paints over $500,000 graffiti art in gallery

This seems like a publicity stunt at best, and an elaborate setup to defraud the insurance company at worst.

When I first read the headline, I thought, “Where’d they get the paint?”

Oh, there was wet paint and brushes in front of it.

Oh, and the painting looks like the wall they let the kids paint at the park on Easter.

Oh, and it was untitled.

You are begging for this to happen.


The line goes around the entire gallery, it even bumps out where there is a display case. Given the context it’s far from ambiguous.

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They thought that the brushes and paint laid in front of the piece were for visitors’ use!

yeah, i’m not sure that warrants an exclamation point there, bud. no one should be shocked or surprised by this.


See also;

Not collaborative, but certainly careless. My favourite story about a piece of “art” being destroyed.


I should add that normally, when you build something as a display, things like paint cans will be empty or filled with a solid plastic or silicone that looks like a liquid. And they may even be permanently glued down to the surface they are place on, so that the public doesn’t pick them up and take them or use them. This isn’t some sort of new, has never happened before in life stuff here. It is utterly predictable. Not sure why art galleries can’t figure out what professional decorators and set designers know and use all the time.

And if they say, oh, we couldn’t do that. It would be inauthentic. Well then, that authenticity comes with a corresponding risk.


No worries. They can just turn it into an NFT and raise 500k in no time. /s


As I noted above, I think the addition adds to the authenticity.


Do these gallery types over-inflate values just to make themselves feel amongst rarified air? My friend bought a $500 graffiti painting a while back from a gallery- she says this is an investment (isn’t hanging - keeps in a closet)… She got took, gallery owners are mostly charlatans who seem to have moved on to the stupid NFT frenzy.


Left over from painting when?

Ah, I can’t leave the lid of a can of paint for more than an hour without a skin forming. Maybe it was epoxy paint and he forgot the part B.


Agreed. Makes a good story to tell. “And just like that, people around the world heard of an artist named JonOne.”


Yeah it looks fine to me too… defiantly not worth $500k plus…
I mean come on… I barfed once and it looked like that!

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Oh man… This is hitting harder than normal because I just got through the great winter storm of Texas. I only had my power out for three days and I was one of the lucky ones.


Sheesh, that’s disturbing. While I was reading the story, I was thinking how it sounded like the type of work Damien Hirst might do. Then, go figure, the last paragraph stated that the artist was once a flatmate of Damien Hirst.


Yes, but did you have a horrifically overpriced sculpture made out of blood oozing all over your floor? Can we plebes really know Saatchi’s pain?


After they had some of your weed, it’s only natural they went for your pizza.


Was going to write something about how without a buyer there is no way to value this. But the art world runs on whatever it is that causes reporters to say it is worth half a million so who am I to question.


At least JonOne’s peice can be restored.

This? not so much


Depends on how closely one was paying attention, and even so, it could easily be interpreted as a “careful/don’t walk here” symbol more than anything.


They need to send it to Julian Baumgartner and see if he can fix it up.

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Now they are graffiti artists too!