Watch a boy trip and push his hand through a $1,500,000 painting


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As a relatively clumsy oaf, I am constantly terrified of something like this happening to me.


I too am prone to clumsiness, but that is… a weird way to trip. Maybe it would make more sense from another angle but how did all his momentum get thrown sideways like that?


Looks to me like he was checking out the girl who walked up behind him…


It looked like he was sort of swaying as he walked (you know, as you do), and the side of his foot got caught on the pedestal/platform. So with his right foot suddenly stopped, the rest of his body spun around that pivot point.


a great example of how not to design an art exhibit. And what’s up with letting anyone walk around with an open beverage can? I hope other museums take note of this and don’t loan any works to this museum.


I love the fact that the poor designed platform to keep people away is what caused the accident.


Yeah, he stumbled overcompensated. We all have, and the damage looks quite repairable. But from now on if he is gonna check out girls in a museum he has to be dressed like Strong Bad :smile:

(Gah, this kid could be me)


It surprises me that this sort of thing doesn’t happen much, much more often.


Why am I laughing?


Tragedy is when I stub my toe. Comedy is when you stub your toe and push your hand through a $1,500,000 painting.


See the reason this happened - and the reason teenagers are clumsy in general - is that as kids hit their growth spurt in puberty their legs and arms grow much quicker in proportion to the way they have grown throughout their life, to the point that it’s easy for them to lose track of where they are.

Source: BBC Documentary in like 1999 with Prof. Robert Winston


This is why children should never be exposed to art.


I’m more shocked that there’s a painting worth 1.5 mil. And that the museum isn’t demanding compensation. But they aren’t american, so that probably explains the latter.


I have worked at 2 different museums, including an art museum.


What the hell? NO food or drink in the gallery!


Ummmm… you should get out more.


The painting was insured. And it was quite obviously an accident.


When he was 4 or 5, my son very nearly did this to Luncheon of the Boating Party.


I know there are paintings worth even more, but I’m determined to pretend that ridiculous price is more the exception rather than rule.