Oops! Student busted for playing Call of Duty during Zoom class while unmuted

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In my day… something something…


I’m shocked that it wasn’t a constant stream of racist, misogynist and homophobic epithets.


I’ve had a number of students not realize their camera was on and just blatantly texting, or bopping around to muted music, or I can see their Netflix reflected in their glasses, etc. If it’s disrupting the other kids I kick them out of the class and email their parents and admin and mark them absent. If it’s not disrupting anyone I email the kid, I’ve found if I call them out in real time they just turn off their camera and/or log out.


Zoom education is a real Battlefield. The only thing saving students are dedicated teachers like this who answer the Call of Duty. As for the student, he’ll be lucky to get a 30 in this class … bro.


Well, better to learn this lesson now playing video games than doing something else later at, say, the New York Times. :grimacing:


RHD, I bet you teach in a private school. My daughter teaches French in a public high school, and was told in no uncertain terms that she will NOT mark down a remote “learner” as absent. A few of her students will log into a class session, then immediately disappear, giving no response when asked to. Public school districts are partly funded on a formula of student attendance X hours, ya know.


Well, we only heard one person on the feed…and he wasn’t losing yet…


With most video conferencing software the person conducting the meeting is the supreme dictator and should be able to mute attendees at will, should they so desire.

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