This Day in Blogging History: World's largest panorama: London; Gamer's dad asks him to adhere to Geneva Conventions


I’d love to see some follow up on the Geneva Convention gamer. Is Evan still following the GC when he plays manshoots? Is he allowed to play games that force him into more morally ambiguous paths? Does he have to follow the GC when playing manshoots set in other times or places where the GC may not exist?

Does he hate being deprived the opportunity to run around raising whatever virtual chaos he wants? Or does he feel glad that his parents made him think about these things?

You see its a nice idea but did anyone actually think about it? Is there even any actual way to break the geneva convention in Call of Duty multiplayer? As far as I’m aware, no there isn’t.

In standard COD multiplayer there are no non-combatants, no way to surrender or be incapacitated (barring death in combat) and no way to take prisoners, and the weapons used are compliant.

In the two COD games I’ve played single player the people you fight (as with most armed conflict in the modern era) is asymmetrical and the people you are fighting don’t follow the geneva convention but I believe the soldiers you play as do.

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