Jailed former dictator Manuel Noriega suing game maker Activision


But he’s okay with that “Free James Brown” meme. I’m just trying to figure out what he’ll put up with.

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Memes make money now? Who knew?

Dear Activision: please add Rudy Giuliani to the next Call of Duty. The Internet wants to see what happens. Thanks in advance.



He looks much better in the game!

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Wait 'til he hears the first LARD album.


He could go for the “I’m being bullied online” angle. :wink:

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He’s not suing ProActiv?




One of my favorite albums ever!

This isn’t about stifling creativity. It’s about ownership of intellectual property, and proper payment for use of it.
Big Julie wouldn’t want Pineapple Face Dude filing a RICO action for unjust taking of that property, so he ought to be just fine with a demand for his fair share of the property.

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The problem with this point of view is that Noriega is a public figure, and one with important historical significance. Politicians on the national and international stage have a long tradition of not being allowed to exert such likeness rights.

Nobody needs to ask Obama before having an actor play him. Likewise they don’t need to clear a portrayal of the head of state of anywhere else, either, including former heads of state.


pshaw, public figure.

Besides, if he’s being portrayed as himself & suing in a US court there is also the consideration that he is asking to profit from selling IP related to what he was convicted of. I’m not familiar with the CoD storyline in question, but presume that since the goal is to capture him, that it has something to do with his crime of betraying his masters by murdering, trafficking drugs & laundering money outside of the purview given him by his masters in Washington & elsewhere.

Can’t be profiting from crime if you get caught old man!

LoL, he signed his deposition “Man!”, which immediately brought to mind this video


Surely, any IP in regard to Noriega must belong to the CIA – they created him after all.


Jeez, I remember watching on TV when the US invaded Panama and raided Noriega’s office. The CIA had brought in a bunch of black magic props such as a cauldron and some spell books and potion-looking stuff so they could claim that Noriega was some kind of occult weirdo. It was so stupid and obvious. Frankly, I was embarrassed for the CIA at that point.

Try substituting Walt Disney for Noriega and see what happens.

What a wacky comparison. One was a ruthless megalomaniac who partnered with the CIA to set up his own private empire in the tropics, free of the restraints of a democratic constitutional government.

The other was the ruler of Panama.


As much he’s probably correct, old Rudy sure sounds like such a pompous ass right there!

“I am morally outraged that a man like Noriega is seeking to inhibit our creative rights in the United States,” said Giuliani.

Ugh! Get over yourself Rudy.

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