Open primaries? Democratic establishment bars anyone who challenges an incumbent from using the party's Votebuilder database


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DNC needs to be completely dismantled, STAT!


Well, the good news is that it has a public facing Web interface.

The bad news is that it has a public facing Web interface.


JFC. Between this and Franken (who pretty clearly falls closer to the Justice Dems than the Establishment Dems) getting purged shockingly aggressively by the party, it’s looking more and more likely that the Establishment Dems are struggling to maintain their power in the party.

Expect more overt signs of internal party power struggles in the future. I’ve never been personally super politically active (I think we can all agree that arguing politics online doesn’t count :slight_smile:), but I think this made up my mind, and I’m going to go out and be active in the local (Colorado, for me) Democratic Party starting in January, because it’s starting to genuinely piss me off how little voice “real” progressives have in the DNC lately.


@doctorow but will not give another cent to the DNC until it cleans house

I suggest parking that money in long-term investments. Make sure your will is up to date so that your estate can properly pass that money on to your heirs.


As much as I love the guy, this is a serious flaw in Obama’s legacy. He neglected building the party at grass roots levels even though he was probably the best equipped person in a generation to do it, and he let the Clinton cronies do whatever they wanted. Not great.


The many inherent advantages of incumbents are well-known. To handicap challengers in fund raising is a fatal thumb on the scales - in fact, the major flaw of most plans to limit campaign expenditures is their failure to recognize that challengers need and always will need more money than will incumbents.


Join the Democratic Socialists of America! I did.


Democrats = Republicans = Lebensunwertes leben.


What does that even mean?


The policy sure sounds like ten pounds of horseshit in a five-pound bag, but I wonder how true the above statement actually is, especially for primaries. Cuz, like, if you are a scrappy insurgent Bernemy Corbers type, your best hope would seem to lie with new voters, rather than the list of people who’ve spent their lives rubber-stamping your opponent as a candidate.

Not that such a database wouldn’t be valuable to any candidate, but I’m saying incumbents may not be as bulletproof as they imagine with this kind of stunt.

I just marvel, sometimes, at the things people are able to say without apparently hearing themselves.


The phrase “life unworthy of life” (in German: “Lebensunwertes Leben”) was a Nazi designation for the segments of the populace which, according to the Nazi regime of the time, had no right to live.

Edit: on rereading, I’m not 100% sure the poster was doing that dumb ‘BUT THEY’RE THE SAME MAN’ stuff so I redacted my snarkier statement.


Agreed, this screams “We, the DNC, are terrified of our pro-corporate incumbents getting primaried and having to actually act like the party we claim to be”.


I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt and come up with an interpretation that isn’t dumb/offensive as hell and not coming up with one.


Why is this post blaming the DNC when the linked article is specifically about state parties limiting candidate access to VoteBuilder? The quoted excerpt actually states that the Illinois Democrats are the ones denying Clark access!


Because “Leaving it up to the state parties to decide who can access the database” can be rephrased as “We, the DNC, know many state parties will abuse this to keep incumbents from being primaried, and we’re fine with that”.

That’s a policy-level problem, and needs to be fixed at the DNC level. They created an abusable system, and so they are responsible for curtailing abuse.


I am not a member of any organized party — I am a Democrat.-- Will Rogers.


The thing about Votebuilder is that the quality of the information in the database is directly tied to work done by previous campaigns.

So the incumbent campaigns do have a proprietary interest in the information; they worked hard to get it.


Can Wikileaks or Russia help out here?


My neighbor is running as a Democrat against an incumbent and has access to this database. This is Maryland and not Virginia.