Angered by the No-More-AOCs rule, 31 colleges' Young Democrats boycott the DCCC

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It’s almost like they’re admitting they can’t win the game on a level playing field…


I say the more AOC’s the better.


This is how tone-deaf and privilege-blind establishment organisations die during generational shifts. Good.


I blame all this crap on the CryptSpeaker of the House. Someone needs to primary her … oh, right.


Forgive me for being dense about this issue, but is the number of vendors and consultants limited in DC? Or the DCCC employs all of them? So non-establishment candidates are stuck in a vendorless vacuum? Or what.

It’s a relatively small space for these kinds of vendors, many of whom choose only to work with one of the duopoly parties. So while the DCCC still has clout and candidates dependent on it, it can pull this “nice consultancy you have there, it would be a shame if anything happened to it” schtick.


Good for them!


Thanks +1!


I’d clone her if I could (and if I had her permission, obvs.)


I’m not a Pelosi fan, but she’s not, by far, the only self-serving incumbent Democrat. This is a DCCC policy - and they have been like this for decades. I never send them money, I support specific candidates.

Blaming it all on her is not only wrong but it shifts blame away from the actual perps.


Man, the DCCC can go to hell. If people want to vote for Democrats, who the hell is the DCCC to stop them?

Then again, I haven’t heard A SINGLE DEM CANDIDATE say out loud what they’d do about American Defense spending and the colossal waste of money our nuclear arsenal costs, and THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DEMOCRATS. I’m tired of Dems who think the best way to win is to be a Republican in all-but-name, fighting for income inequality for the upper 10%, not just the upper 1%. Thomas Frank’s book Listen, Liberal has a lot of great stuff about this – and I don’t vote for Democrats who are just Republicans with more hugs and nicer ads.*

If any of the 29 Dem candidates said “I will make our country’s elections more safe and fair, I will make our economy more strong and fair, and I will present an immigration policy that is not open borders but rather sensible, smart reform and policing,” That person would win in a f***king landslide. And Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Booker, Harris, Butiteg, etc, would look like the lame, weak donor-clowns they are.

*Edit: IN THE PRIMARY, I vote for the Dem candidate of my choice; in the General, I vote Dem, even when like last time it’s a hooooorible candidate who might as well be Reagan in a fricking pantsuit.


This really is appalling. I do think that the Democratic party needs to work on solidarity - it’s one of the strengths of the GOP and its cowering support for authoritarian power - but blind protection of the status quo is not the kind of solidarity it needs to move forward and win. This rule is seriously annoying and the boycott by student clubs seems entirely justified.


in union work this strategy is called the seniority effect. it’s also why it was so hard for women and minorities to advance in union jobs that had traditionally been the province of white men. how did unions ever get around that to the other side of the mountain? oh wait, many of them didn’t and those that did found their tasks ghettoized and pay reduced.


This is also how organizations die.


It’s crap like this that caused me to cut off all donations to the Democrat Party; I now only donate directly to candidates whom I like.


I hear you and this chart really sums up the madness.


I sincerely thank you. I was unaware of this.


Well, the good news for her is that the DCCC is opposed to anyone who might run in the primary against AOC.

The DCCC is the campaign arm of sitting House democrats, and has little meaningful connection to, say, the DNC. Its current leader, Cheri Bustos, is a bluedog from Peoria, and I suspect the House leadership was happy to have her busy with this job instead of doing something involving actual policy. This dick move on her part will (hopefully) lead to her losing the position.

Meanwhile, speaking as someone who has been contributing to house candidates for several decades, I’ve never understood why anyone would contribute to the DCCC instead of to individual candidates.