Open Rights Group wants to sue UK government over #DRIP, needs your help


I’m struggling to navigate TheyWorkForYou to find whether my MP voted for this or not. (Well, actually either of my MPs. I’m on the electoral roll at uni and at my parents.)

Also, I’m skint. Boingers that aren’t skint, please dig deep. We can’t let the fuckers take away hard-won liberties.

38 Degrees collated the votes here -

Open Rights Group have them listed on their wiki page -

According to ORG they’ve had a massive influx of new joinees in the past week. Spurred me on to make a fresh donation anyway. Utter.fucking.stitch-up.

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Thanks. I see mine voted FOR. However, he’s in a safe seat (so he’s basically immune to public opinion) and he fights for the existence of the Welfare State (so he’s not /completely/ evil).

I’m still reeling from the fact that it was 3 party whipped for.

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