"Open source" companies are playing games with licensing to sneak in proprietary code, freeze out competitors, fight enclosure

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/04/04/open-ish.html

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When I used to have to approve FOSS for use at NASA, these sneaky pseudo-free licenses were the biggest holdup, and I had to explain to the poor person requesting the tool that no, sorry, this isn’t FOSS. It might be free of cost, or open source, but it sure wasn’t always libre.


Anything that’s not BSD, MIT, or public domain is totally out of the question where I work.

While I’m no great fan of most of the tech giants, I have to marvel at the gymnastics this article does to make the big tech giants the villains regardless of whether they’re pushing to keep open source open or whether they’re slipping in proprietary layers.

However, regardless of the slant, the article Cory references is valuable and informative and needs all the exposure it can get.

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