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Open tech is why I’m bothered by the death of desktop computers. Even laptops went a little too far, because, unlike desktop machines, there was never really a standard on boards and cases. The pluggable architecture of the past 30 years and the departure from it is the #1 thing that bugged me about the latest Mac Pro; well, that and the big resounding “meh” about so much of the hardware being soldered in. Sadly, despite having two desktop machines, I’ve contributed to the “desktop computers are dead” demographic because I haven’t bought any desktops since 1999; I have bought a lot of parts, though. :->

Sorry, I got on that rant because I remember exactly why Gateway computer boxes had spots on them, and I remember when a lot of their gear was basically just off-the-shelf parts. Them, and Dell. Oh, those were the days. :frowning:

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