Opitical illusion: paint, or oily legs?


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It has to be paint given the right leg’s lack of second linear source and the kneecaps being so different.

Angle of incidence equals angle of reflection, yo.


Also doing the rounds this week:

Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?


Once I saw all the paint pens in the picture I knew that I was on a course of TRUE DISCOVERY!


White and gold.


You’re a lunatic. It’s clearly blue and black.


Shyamalan twist, it’s a ghost!


It has to be paint because it looks like paint.

My reaction:

“Looks like oil… nah, paint. Look, you can see the paint flecks.”



The word ‘optical’ only has one EYE.

Just sayin’.


Just spent 20 minutes trying too hard.

I thought the ENTIRE LEGS were supposed to be paint… nope, just some dumbass white streaks on them…

title should be “Painted or Oily Legs”


And this, kiddies, is the secret to oil painting in the realism genre.


thank you.


True, but I hope I wasn’t the only one who took a good 30 seconds before the brain flip took place.


The brain flip occurs whenever you first notice the paint flecks. Then it can’t be unflipped.




That explains why no matter how hard I tried I could only see legs. The trick wasn’t the image, it was the title of the post.


These Cristian Girotto images were popular a while back.


It took at least a solid minute on my end. Don’t feel bad.


Maybe something about my brain isn’t quite right. I never saw the shiny legs version. My first impression was paint. So I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to get it to flip without realizing I was already seeing the flipped version. Dang it.


Paint or oil, either way I like the direction this is going…