Orangutan cools off with washcloth


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Breaks my heart to think that we’re destroying the habitat of these awesome creatures… look at her wringing that cloth out, and tell me she’s nothing like us.


Humans should be quarantined off from large portions of the earth.


…blows my mind that on the one hand we treat these intelligent creatures with feels as if they’re nothing of the sort, while on the other we in the States consider electing their closest cousin to the highest public office in the land.



That comparison does a serious disservice to orangutans.


With the exception that I have more back hair, that looks just like me on a hot day in my backyard.


Its worth noting that in the Malay language, Orangutan just means “Forest Man”. Its normal in Malaysia to ride in a bus which can carry 40 Orang, or an elevator which can carry 10 Orang.


the demonstrators are on short time today


Yeah, I love this kind of thing because it shows that the line between man and animal isn’t a line at all, it’s a gradient.


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