Ordering ice cream in VR is dangerous


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/19/ordering-ice-cream-in-vr-is-da.html


That’s not how your ice cream person serves you ice cream?


“Here’s your ice cream, ya filthy animal!”


some ice cream customers pay extra for that.


Well, at least it wasn’t tutti-frutti in the patootie.


I don’t understand VR.



I don’t understand R.



This makes me so happy.


“Cherry Garcia, now beat it, scram, see ya.”


So… what, virtual violence against women?

I don’t get it.


It is a (mini)game where you serve ice cream to customers (of both genders). You may also choose to fling the ice cream at the customer with an exaggeratedly comical impact, similar to when Daffy Duck strikes Elmer Fudd with a giant hammer and humorously turns him into a pancake instead of inflicting painful blunt force trauma and possibly death.


It wasn’t doing that virtual ice cream any favors, either.


Virtue signaling doesn’t really work when nobody knows who you are. Speaking from experience.


Thanks. At least I have the context now.


The MeatSpace version is slightly safer.


How can this be simultaneously cute and annoying? Confused.


Cute to watch. But gimme MY ice-cream!


I assume this is a beta version of the Oasis from Ready Player One.