Oregon cops issue "verbal warning" to armed cat in a tree


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/02/meowbang.html


Would you hold still please, sir?


Good thing the canine was bilingual, or things could have gotten out of hand. Doubt they would have shot the cat though, seeing he was white.


Someone needs to remind those cops that Oregon is an open carry state… expect the NRA to issue a statement soon…


Hahaha…haa…ha…This is made so much funnier by all those people who’ve been shot recently.

Also, it’s funny that they charged the cat based on someone else’s mistake, even facetiously.

And by funny I mean this is so tone deaf it’s a sign of sickness.


Hey, according to the internet, cat snipers are a thing. So I can understand the call to the cops.


You’re not one of those “furry knoll” conspiracy theorists, are you?


there was this one time when the author was walking in a seaside town with a nice and shiny camera tripod caught the policemens eye and stopped me to take a gander at a god awful hour of 4am

pity we didn’t have animal magic

I think missile launchers were popular at the time



This would have had a very different outcome if that cat hadn’t been white.


This photo has been online for at least nine months, so someone is lying:




I have to laugh. An older couple in the theater seats right in front of us saw that scene, said, “They always do this!!”, then stomped out there. What were they expecting from a Coen film?


The black ‘patch’ over one eye added to the drama.


Guess they needed a new batch of things to get annoyed about or something.


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