Jihadists in Iraq and Syria sure are posting some weird cat photos online


It looks dead.

Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the #catsofjihad tag is not coming from Al Qaeda or any affiliated groups.

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Maybe not officially, but there’s no reason there couldn’t be a few wags in the bunch. I’m hoping the DOD psyops people can fight back with some even better All-American cat photos. Let this be the new battleground of cyber-warfare!


This will doubtless conjure innumerable images containing a bald eagle, missiles, guns, US flags & various other tea party tee shirt must-haves.

edit: and cats, cats will now be featured on all that list.

The “Ever wondered how we charge our phones here?” photo here, from the Buzzfeed article, shows quite a level of improvisation. However it would be much more efficient to go not the 12Vdc-to-230Vac inverter and then using wallwart chargers, but use instead the buck converters, the DC-DC car chargers instead. Much less energy is lost.

(Hope this advice does not count as support of terrorism. What side does the West support this week, anyway?)

The Mitsubishi pickup shown there, with a machine gun, is a nice example of a "technical, an improvised fighting vehicle. These are a nice example that warzones have their own flavor hacker/maker culture, born out of necessity. Too bad the photos do not show details of the joints and mounts.

Also, cats with guns aren’t that rare theme. Google-image “sniper cat” for more pew-pew cuteness.

Don’t you mean mew-spew?

Let’s try to keep this a G-rated thread, I mean… we’re talking terrorists here :stuck_out_tongue:

Have we dehumanized jihadists to the point that they’re not allowed to celebrate Caturday?


Next thing you know they’re going to be attacking beloved cartoon characters.

I suppose that this is too obvious a place for steganographic messages?


Is that pistol a P-83 or maybe a foreign knockoff? In the cat photo it has the typical baked-on military finish.

Searching for “cat” or translated equivalent and then applying steganographic methods? I came here to comment as much - you beat me to it.

I’d be suspicious if the gun_kitty.gif was a few MB in size…

Why? #dogsofjihad would be all kinds of haram; but I’m pretty sure that cats are OK…

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