US military social media hacked by ISIS supporters, or someone acting like them


“Hack” seems such a strong term for gaining access to a social media account that isn’t Twitter verified and doesn’t have two-factor auth turned on =P

This is kid-in-moms-basement level shenanigans.


Here’s a clue: in Iraq and Syria, English is not the first language. I’m with the newbie.


Imagine when your average US soldier sits to open his can of Coca-Cola - the ultimate symbol of Western Imperialism - and instead of cola inside, he finds a fanciful can of nuts. With no snake!


Is that list of addresses, shenanigans? I honestly don’t know. Sounds like shenanigans used to announce some other hackery.

Anonymous has a reply to them, also on pastebin

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Meanwhile …

So, having had their gross negligence in failing to secure internet comms made public, the “security” services now want to burn down the world.

Christ, what a bunch of arseholes.


The files they linked suggest they got a little bit more than twitter.

MAGIC EIGHTBALL says: North Korea Did It.


Oh, snap! We’ve been Tokyo Rosed! :scream:

In the name of Allah, the most gracious…

Don’t Muslims, when speaking English, refer to their god as ‘God’…?

Allah is the Arabic word for God - not the proper name of their god like so many Westerners (and tv/movie characters) seem to use it as.

In English, the Muslim god is called ‘God’ - The same way as in Arabic, the Christian god is called ‘Allah’.
I’m not saying this haker statement is a false flag (aka FaLSe FLaG) just that it sounds more like B-movie dialogue than a Muslim actually communicating in English.

It’s cybercaliphragilisticexploitalidocious!


The d0x they blasted out is all publicly available information. No hacking necessary.

Nope, even when speaking English, Muslims prefer to use Allah. I can’t remember the full rationale, but it has something to do with “Allah” being an un-modifiable word. One can’t pluralize it or make it feminine. I think there’s more to it, but can’t recall.

I’ll look to validate that. It’s not been reported that way. Where else are the names and home addresses of senior military staff publicly listed?

… except in Malaysia, where it’s illegal for anybody except Muslims to use the term “Allah” to refer to their god. It’s not only offensive to have laws about that kind of thing, but it’s ignorant as well, since Muslims believe that their god is the same god that Jews and Christians worship (and the Koran teaches that), and Allah is the generic Arabic word for the god.

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