Inside Islamic State's spookocracy



Looks fairly standard stuff. Most of the military and intelligence leaders in the IS are ex- Baathists, trained by the Russians.

I’ll just leave this here …

Looks like a likely model to be utilized by the future American Christian Taliban when they come into power.


And since all of the tools are in place, it should be a snap!


You mean they haven’t already and you just didn’t notice?


Yeah, it really has been a stealth campaign, hasn’t it?

They left out all the boxes that say “jackholes who carry out the brutal stuff.”

Just don’t look at the American ISIS…

Just don’t.

Why would a hypothetical North American Christian group call themselves ‘Taliban’ ?

That such a group would use the Pashtun language to describe themselves is … well… this is just crazy talk.

Are you off your meds?

what makes you think they would call themselves that?

I think you attribute to @Melted_Crayons a level of literalness that was by no means intended.

AFAIK it means “Students”. All I can say is that when I was at U, the Cambridge Inter-collegiate Christian Union* contained people who, in another culture, would certainly join the Taliban. They weren’t just bigoted, they were proud of it.

*So named because of the unfortunate, but descriptive, initials if they had used the obvious “Cambridge University Christian Union.”

So named because of the unfortunate, but descriptive, initials if they had used the obvious “Cambridge University Christian Union.”

I’m not sure about that. CICCU is universally pronounced “kick-you”, which is hardly great.

Not to mention that their Durham equivalent is the Durham Intercollegiate Christian Union, which is pronounced a similar way…

(I believe they’re CICCU simply because they’re a federation of the Christian Union groups at the various colleges)

You are possibly right that my little joke has no foundation in reality, though I would point out that at the time DICCU was founded, in 1931, American was much less spoken in the UK and it would not have had the same resonance. OICCU and DICCU we both named long after CICCU was founded, hence the similar names.

Whatever, I stand by my assertion that the kind of people who populated CICCU back in my day would have, in other circumstances, happily joined the Taliban. These are people who, in the late 1960s, were asserting that the job of women was to obey their husbands without question; and, sadly, there were CICCU groupies (this was at a time when the great majority of undergradiates were male) who were prepared to go along with it and actually argue that their oppression was Biblically justified.

We in the West are not as distant culturally from Islam as we like to pretend.

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