Oregon has twice as many weed shops as liquor stores and the regulators are overwhelmed


Illinois, too. I was visiting Chicago and was surprised to find a liquor isle at TJ’s.


Thanks to our local microbrewers, you can now buy alcohol as early as 7 AM on Sunday in Michigan. They lobbied for the change because once in a while St. Patrick’s Day falls on Sunday, and they didn’t want to miss out on “Irish Breakfast” profits.


Chicago in particular is kinda nuts. Bars serve until 2 regularly, some till 4 or even 5.

Any given night in North Loop it’s a crazy drunk fest. Vomiting 20 year olds, fist fights, the whole 9 yards. Basically what Sat. nights look like in the suburbs, but every. single. night. really picking up speed at 11pm.

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