Oregon now excuses students for "mental health days"

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Good, and also, good.


I always say, “A nap a day, keeps the therapist away”.


Being the caretaker for 2 modern teenagers I would advocate for a Mental Health Year Off – a stigma free year to just sleep in and grow a couple of feet.


In my junior year of high school I got in trouble for taking a dozen mental health days off. The Dean saw that they matched a couple of my friends days off. I did it again in my senior year, and told the Dean hey my grades are good, what’s your problem. I got detention for that one.


I’m sure that very few high school students will abuse this privilege.

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As a child, I had asthma. It disappeared around puberty time, although not without a serious attempt at killing me one last time. Thing was, was that I could fake it and take a day off school more or less at will. As a depressed child, these days off were at least somewhat needed. I am pretty sure I was out for an entire third of one semester. I still got good grades.


Kids today. In my day we were born with a couple of feet.


I was molested for a period of time when I was 13-14. Facing school after something like that (which nobody knew about) was one of the worst experiences of my life. Mental health days would have been a godsend.


Who decides when a mental health day is needed; The parents or the students? If it is the student are the parents informed?

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Good. One small regional step toward America taking mental health care seriously is still a step in the right direction.


Not sure about other school districts, but every school district in my area uses a rapid attendance notification system. If one of my kids is so much as 5 minutes late for a class, I get a text message, email, and a message on both my mobile and home phones. The false positives are a pain, but my kids know that, if they are late or absent, I’m going to know about it ASAP.


And I’m sure there are plenty of high school students who will greatly benefit from the ability to take a day to collect themselves now and again.

Every system gets abused. That doesn’t make the system itself worthless.


How about unlimited personal health days? I personally don’t believe that kids should be forced to attend high school at all.

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