O'Reilly Media shutters its conference business forever

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I have to wonder how old that picture is.

You are all together and at a less than safe social distance…

One good thing about covid is that people I don’t like have stopped trying to touch me (for the most part) sometimes I can’t stand being touched.


Early 2000s? I’m sure I’ve seen it before and a while ago, too.


I mention in my post that the photo is from the 2005 ETech Conference.


Also, a @doctorow sighting on post-Cory BoingBoing!

Oh sorry, it was buried in the blah blah part of the article:

" I have fond memories of those real-world scenes, including the 2005 ETech Conference, one of the very infrequent times Xeni, Mark, Cory, and I were all in the same place. Photo evidence below."

15 years ago? You guys may want to do a photoshopped pic of yourselves currently (extra points for stitching together completely incongruous backgrounds/locations/countries and making it look good)


The revolution will be televised live-streamed via conference call.


Truly the end of an era. Such fond memories of all those I met at those events including Xeni, Cory, Mark and David.


Bummer about that, I heard it here first. O’Reilly is one media outlet that I really, truly trust.

BTW, I kinda noticed there’s been no Cory around these parts for a while. What changed?

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