Oreo cookies' 'Game of Thrones' intro

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Shot-for-shot perfect, exactly like the original, except… Oreos. Brilliant.

I love Game of Thrones, but it’s essentially an eight-season-long movie, so there’s a lot of catching up to do if you haven’t seen it yet.


They should have done the Season 5 intro so they could show the House of Black and White.


I was half expecting a GoT MILK? logo at the end…


Jason Weisberger:
I have not watched an episode this season.

Do you want to get spoilered? Because that’s how you get spoilered.

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People got banned for less.

Nah, not really. But it might disappoint Jason to get spoilers, so I resist the urge to insert nice stuff from the imgur topics @xeni alerted us to…

Btw, is it a spoiler if someone tells you the third episode is really dark? :laughing:

Ultimate spoiler:

The lil’ face on the weirwood tree is cute.

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