Orgasm fake-off at Katz's Deli celebrates 30th anniversary of "When Harry met Sally"

It sounds like I’ll need to pay Lenny’s a visit pretty soon.

Developer’s and property owners have crude palates.

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Brent’s is pretty good. I’ve been there several times; my former employer is located not far from there. Now I live about an hour’s drive from there! Their tasty knishes were quite different in many ways from the proletarian push-cart knishes I was brought up on in my youth.

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I used to get to Brents at opening with a friend or two for the “Super Fish special,” as a lovely way to come down off acid. I lived close by for about 2 years – only place I could afford to keep my dog, while commuting to Marina Del Rey – but would brave the hour drive even then after having moved back to West LA.


Like I said more of a swamped as fuck business attitude than a Katz’s attitude. Its not the usual tone in there, though its common enough. The place is a major tourist destination. And if the food weren’t so good it would not be worth dealing with at all. When i lived on NYC rules were basically weekdays, off hours never in the summer or near a major holiday. Just like any other spot popular with tourists. Even something as simple as walking through Chinatown to get to a subway becomes hell on Earth on a Saturday afternoon with good weather.

Very nearly closed for the same reasons Stage and Carnagie did. They managed to find a new space at a fairer rent and reopen though. No longer on 2nd ave technically, and they have a 2nd location up town these days. They seem to be doing better as other classics die due to rents. Sarge’s is still around too.

2nd ave deli has always been my preferred spot for the full, proper Jewish deli experience. Sadly i think Katz is going to outlast them all since they own their building and few others do.

Like I said if LA has anything over NY in Jewish Delis its cause more of them have survived. But sooner or later if they don’t own their space they’ll be gone too.

I attempted to send a salami to my brother in the marines once. Their website does not allow you to input APO addresses. Which seems a fairly major oversight. Heading in to try and do it in person I was directed to the website… And they had no idea what an APO was.

So you can try but good luck.

Very tasty but a number of species are threatened or endangered. I would imagine if they don’t have sturgeon its down to market factors or worries about sustainability.

Multiple employees offered to take it over, or buy the business. Those employees were unable to handle the rent sustainably, and the rents were purportedly a factor in the ownership deciding to retire. The owners kids and grandkids weren’t interested in taking over.

So rents were a factor there. There is a guy who attempted to get it reopen with the owner’s blessing. He couldn’t get an affordable lease.

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Posting something about being glad Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs never holding a world-record contest for most sexual partners in a day…

Katz’s is ok, but Canters is where I’d go for a good blintz or kasha varnishkes.

That being said, this idea is a quality public participation performance-art event, and I salute them. Yasher koach!

Hey if Katz’s wants to do this I’m all for it, and if it helps them make money or stay open given the changes in the LES in the past couple of decades that is great.

That said, despite living right across Houston from Katz’s for most of a decade, I think I only went two or three times. Too much of a production just to get food. Russ and Daughters, on the other hand, was an almost-weekly.

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But do they serve pierogis

Was gonna make the same comment. I go to LA regularly I’ve never had deli there that beats NYC, Prov, or Boston.

And Katz’s is really good but not the beat. I think they are pricey but they do give huge portions at least for the dollar.

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Compulsory watching for those who love their food a little too much:

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Thanks. This reminded me that I really should make time to clean my Patrick the Starfish toy’s grippy hands/feet so he can stick properly to walls and such.

Classic. .

Any deli recommendations in the Boston area? I’ve been to the S&S and Mamaleh’s, but am always looking for good options.

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Brothers in Wakefield is wicked good. I used to hit up Moody’s when I worked in Waltham all the time.

I imagine it’s a lot harder to judge the male fake orgasm contestants, who mostly just grunt and squint their eyes. Extra points to the ones who get get all sweaty beforehand.

Regardless of the quality of the food, that place is one of the all time worst lunch experiences I have ever had. The staff is extremely rude. The ordering process is chaos. No method to seating whatsoever. Roughly equal to having lunch in the middle of a soccer riot. The food is not bad, but not good enough for the shit show you have to stand in to get it. And WTF is this ‘prove you didn’t eat anything before we let you leave’ policy?


" (yes, it does have to be fake) " How could you prove/test that? How could you possibly know that?

Eh, rye not?


Small print:

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