Orikaso: folding, cheap, amazing polypropylene flat-pack dinnerware


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Cory, can they really take a full weight Aeropress press?
I usually put my full upper body weigh(~100kg total) on my press, so for instance a Swedish Army fold-a-cup wont work.
This would still be a cool container for getting the right water temp even if I still schlep a ceramic cup for the final product.


"Dispatched from and sold by UK INPORT EXPORT LTD."

Seems legit.

(Yes, I ordered one.)


Aye, there's the rub.

Even if they can take the heat, organizing cups and glasses around them would be interesting.

Still, by definition, these would be used on trips, not while one is at home with all the comforts of a full kitchen.


Polypropylene is amazing stuff.


I saw these and immediately thought they would be great for backpacking trips - lighter and smaller is always better. However... http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/forums/thread_display.html?forum_thread_id=64988


I would like to know how solid and stable the cup is. I would normally just go ahead and buy a set but I am feeling relatively poor at the moment.


I dunno, the people talking about it there seem evenly split between "you don't need one" and "but they are definitely nice to have!" with a few "unless they stop working", but that doesn't seem to be a super common complaint.


You really shouldn't need to put that much weight on an Aeropress. The instructions even mention this. Generally, the lighter you press, the lighter you need to press. Starting with a strong push compresses the grounds against the filter, and makes it harder to press.

The other tricks, obviously, are starting with a slightly courser ground (I use "fine", one step above "espresso" on most big grinders), and making sure you stir well so the grounds are scraped off the filter. If you're worried that a courser grind won't give you strong enough coffee (though, really, "fine" is pretty fine), let it sit a little longer. Most fancy coffee sites suggest a full minute steeping, not the 10 seconds that Aeropress recommends.


I've used one of the bowls for about 8 years and quite a few hikes, probably 500 - 750 miles of backpacking and backcountry skiing. Two John Muir Trail hikes. It works great. Super easy to pack, and unfolding it flat makes it super easy to clean out with snow.

I was worried about durability but mine is still going strong.


I've tried the ones with snaps and the snaps wear out fast, but willing to give the folding ones a try. The Amazon UK won't ship this item to U.S. Addresses, anyone have a source that will ship to U.S.?


Is the cup also boiling-water-for-tea-safe?
Which would be my primary concern and to get my caffein dosis while traveling


I don't take a plastic bowl at all. I just take one metal bowl that I use for cooking and eating out of. My MSR stove packs inside it (in its own bag), and whole thing then goes in a small dry-sack. My leatherman is used as a handle for taking it on and off the stove.


I'm a fan of polypropylene because it makes awesome long underwear. keeps you warm even when wet, and it wicks the moisture fast so you aren't wet for long.

what do you use it for?


I hope you mean PP non-woven cloth, not PP sheets. Unless you have some sort of fetish, then more power to you.


We've had a set of plates, bowls and mugs (snap and fold versions) for a number of years now - purchased them at REI, I think. The mugs are a bit tricky to fold - but great for a cup of french press in the morning while out camping. It is very light weight and packs flat, which is great for backpacking or car camping. That said, looks like pickings are now slim on this side of the pond.


I rather liked the idea, until I saw the costs on the Amazon page: £1.99, plus £4 for shipping. That's a shame.


What makes polypropylene environmentally sound?


This is essentially my setup as well. I eat directly out of the pot I cooked in, less items in the pack and less cleanup.

I think the flat folding bowl is a great concept (can it also be used as a light duty cutting board?), but for me the plastic turns me away, it doesn't fit with the sensory experience I desire when I'm in the great outdoors.


lol, not sheets. I dunno about "PP non-woven cloth," it seems like woven PP fibers to me, but ya, it's cloth not fetish-gear-looking stuff smile