Orphan Black comment posts are missing (again)

Two (three?) of the last Orphan Black TV recaps have broken Comment links. I get it that there might be bugs in Discourse/BB, but isn’t there anyone minding the store to notice these things? My favorite part of the recaps is the discussion amongst fellow BB readers.

Please fix. Thanks.

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You mean this one

I see s2e3 has a recap on bbs with the first post author showing as @beschizza. Any recent changes to the first post author on these from the WP side Rob?

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I have to create a thread for that author each time – they’re not appearing automatically. (and sometimes I forget)

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Thank you.

Yes, that one and I think also S2E6, but @beschizza seems to have answered my question. Not sure where the problem lies, but please fix. Thanks.

Does the author need an account here on bbs?

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@beschizza: bump

Latest is also missing proper link. Did a search for “orphan black” and found this post, and a couple from previous episodes, but seems a bunch are missing.

I thought that authors in WP didn’t need to have discourse-side accounts – it works for several others! This seems to be a problem specific to Caroline’s account.

Is there anything different about these WP posts? Titles, method of entry, method of publication, username, etc?

Could this be cause @CarolineSiede has no permissions to post in the Boing category?

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I think it’s a sign of Boing Boing’s hatred of Canada.

Nothing that I know of. She just uses wordpress to set up the post, and I hit publish!

@sam Maybe! How would I fix that?

Edit the category:

Then edit the group membership of guest_authors, via /admin/groups.

I added her to the guest_authors group, let’s see if that helps.

If all she writes are Orphan Black recaps, you’re going to be waiting a while…

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Just testing out my posting abilities here to make sure everything’s working!

Can you try creating a topic in the Boing category and then flag it for deletion?

Just created a test post and flagged it!

Looks like someone added you to moderators,

Also looks like it all started working :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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