Orphan Black s2e4

You wrote on Twitter that it’s hard to critique the show, but I’m getting increasingly frustrated with it to be honest. The writing depends too much on chance instances - people just happen to be in a certain place at a certain time, they just happen to learn certain information - and increasingly a lot of simply not believable developments, like say Helena in the hospital - how come no one noticed a woman covered in blood walking down a hospital corridor? It strains credibility. I realize that this keeps the plot fast-moving and that a certain level of suspension of disbelief is necessary, but it just seems like they’re cheating from a writing perspective just to keep the story exciting.

Also, the supporting characters are becoming less real to me and more stereotypical. Art and Angie come off like someone told them, “this is how cops behave on TV,” and Rachel and Daniel seem like Hollywood’s typical portrayal of bad guys/girls, etc.

I’ll still keep watching the show though, if only because it’s so inventive and because Tatiana Maslany’s so amazing.

Yeah, I have to agree. Having Helena show up just in the nick of time is a little eye-roll-y, never mind the fact that she has the strength of 10 Navy Seals and can shrug off multiple near-fatal injuries.

I still like the show, but my nitpicky comment? Stop hitting the “It’s Helena!” music cue so hard every time she appears on screen. It’s like she’s the bad guy on a poorly done kid’s show, and the producers are afraid we’ll forget she’s the wacky, crazy, weird one if we don’t get the CREEPY DUBSTEP MUSIC CUE every time she does something.

Caroline Seide recaps the latest episode of the BBC’s clone drama

I’m going to start calling Dexter “The Movie Network’s Dexter” since that where it aired here.

To test her fertility, Henrik drugged her and removed one of her eggs in order to artificially inseminate it.

I don’t think we can know for sure that it was only one egg. My guess is he’s planning to implant it in Grace. If that’s his plan, he’d have taken more eggs since that’s the standard procedure for artificial insemination.

She also explains that the name comes from a Greek myth in which Zeus disguises himself as a swan and rapes a woman named Leda who then goes on to have half-human, half-god babies.

To be clear, some versions say rape, some say seduce. Cosima just says Zeus “gets it on with this human queen called Leda.” I’m wondering if there’s a significance to the half-god part of the myth. Helena certainly seems to have some superhuman abilities.

"I’m wondering if there’s a significance to the half-god part of the myth. Helena certainly seems to have some superhuman abilities.’

Cosima and Sarah’s conversation about Kira’s rapid recovery revealved that Cosima thinks the clones have some sort of enhanced regeneration ability.

Helen and Sarah have both shown this, recovering rapidly from what should have been major traumas.

And we have one more: Daniel. He got T-boned, was left for dead, and got back to Toronto the same day.

Daniel isn’t Rachel’s lover. He’s boy clone #1.


I feel like the show has hinted that there’s something different with the ability to heal of the sisters and Kira. Helena has miraculously healed from two near-fatal injuries and Kira from the car accident.

In this case, I would have to disagree. Having escaped the farm, it was logical for Helena to hide out in a place she knows. Being a foreigner in this city, her choices are limited and using Mrs. S’s basement doesn’t sound too far fetched. Sarah looking for clues for Mrs. S’s whereabouts in the same house also is a plausible step for the characters. From there, having Helena follow Sarah and eventually saving her isn’t too much of a stretch.

I find Cal miraculously crashing into Daniel’s car more deus-ex-machina-ey. He somehow found the time to grab a truck, stash Kira in an out of the way location, find Daniel (who could be anywhere) and slam into him. Oh, and he so happens to have an unregistered camper stashed in the boondocks, you know, just in case.


I think the point was that she is a mirror image biologically, the bullet completely missed her heart cause its on the right side … or something.

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