Orphan Black s2e5 recap

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When their daughter steps over the line they punish her by sewing her lips together, locking her in solitary confinement for 12 hours, and threatening her with a forced pregnancy if she doesn’t comply.

From their perspective, implanting the fertilized egg in Gracie is probably a safer bet even if they still had Helena. Gracie might think it’s a demon child, but she’s got to be easier to control than Helena.

After getting shot by her sister, she was kidnapped, drugged, and forced to marry a creepy cult leader who then stole one of her eggs.

I’m still betting on him having taken more than one egg.

By dominating the man who is reporting on her, Rachel gives herself the facade of power.

She also picked that man and likely picked her previous monitor. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this non-consensual sex scene won’t have anywhere near the outcry as the Game of Thrones one. Even taking into account viewership.

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Helena has now spared three lives in two episodes: Gracie, Art and Rachel. Slowly, tormented Helena is being redeemed by the deep sacrament of love – love that con-artist Sarah probably didn’t know she had within her.

Despite Rachel’s sexual domination of Paul, we still don’t know the core of the Rachel/ Danieal relationship. Rachel seemed to suffer far more from Daniel’s death than one would expect from a mere monitor.

Daniel’s remarkable recovery from the car wreck suggested he was also a clone. Perhaps the Rachel/Daniel relationship was sibling-like?

Nurture seems to be winning the argument over nature in this episode.

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