'Orphan Black': Mingling Its Own Nature With It [TV recap, S2E3]

Less effective is the scene that inevitably ends Sarah’s vacation with Cal.

Really? I was on the edge of my seat throughout. It looks like Daniel is a mean sob, and it’s not much of a surprise really.

Sarah had been lulled into a false sense of security thinking she was safe. The wakeup had to be brutal. You can see here what she’s ready to do for her daughter.

And the other car isn’t random. Watch it again, and you’ll see Daniel is looking at Sarah and talking to her, but Sarah is clearly looking to ther right and sees the truck coming in. She drove straight through an intersection on purpose.

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While the closing moments with Helena were appropriately chilling, I can’t say I’m happy to see the writers resorting to sexual violence as a means for driving the plot forward. Still, it will make things more satisfying when Helena kills them all.

Some good insights in this episode’s article. I couldn’t quite tell if I was watching a wedding or a baptism/conversion ceremony, so thanks for clearing that up. Until the last moment, I still thought he was carrying Helena to a river.
Good call on Felix’s motivations, too. With so few males in the cast, he is the one I identify with and therefore root for the most.

I totally agree with you on the intention of that scene: to demonstrate Daniel’s violent resourcefulness and to shock Sarah out of her false sense of safety. I just didn’t think it was staged in a way that made a lot of sense. I couldn’t tell if Daniel was supposed to be in over his head or a brutal, efficient mercenary. (And if Sarah did crash the car on purpose that’s even more proof that Daniel shouldn’t have let her drive!)

I think it’s totally possible for two people to have different but equally valid takes on a scene and I’m glad this one worked for you! I’m totally willing to admit that I may have just been personally bothered by its (in my opinion awkward) staging more than others were. It’s a minor complaint but since Orphan Black is normally so innovative and purposeful with its action scenes this one stood out to me.

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