Orphan Black's uneven finale offers a game-changing cliffhanger [S2E10]


I’ve watched this episode three times and that parking lot scene still vaguely confuses me. I think this means Paul has been a double military agent this entire time (what?!?)

In 206, Mrs. S has a conversation with Paul in his car where she mentions something happening with him in Afghanistan. My assumption at the time was that he’d been in the military and done something bad there and Dyad was keeping it suppressed in return for him working for them. Now that we know he’s a double agent, presumably whatever happened was a cover story to get him into Dyad.

The bar scene in the same episode where Paul and Mark meet while they track Helena and Sarah has another layer to it now. I assume Paul knew about the male clones so he knew Mark was one.

“Also, why did she leave a giant can of nitrogen behind?”

before attempting to give horse babies to henrik and burning down the house, my recollection is helena was holding a bunch of test tubes with her name on them (because why would they stop at 2? henrik said “this house will be filled with your children,” or something to that effect, in the schoolhouse). i’m guessing her embryos are in the liquid nitrogen. as for why she left them - i’m not sure it’s clear helena was running off with no plans to return but, even if she were, she might have left them for her sisters to try to have babies of their own or just for safekeeping.

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