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i never got any help from any kind of glucosamine/chondroitin mixture. the x-rays every 6 months showed continued, gradual degeneration. i really don’t know what it’s possible to do for feet.

when i first noticed what was going on and saw my wife’ orthopedist i knew i would eventually have to get this done. at the time i made a conscious decision to begin losing weight and i will say that the weight loss, more than anything else, extended the time line for getting where i am now.

i feel for you, continuous pain in the bones and joints is some of the worst, it’s just a drag on everything you do. if you haven’t talked to an orthopedist about your feet you really need to because they might be able to give you some advice on ways to improve your condition even if they can’t solve it.

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The literature on Glucosamine for osteoarthritis is less than promising. Mostly mixed results, very small signal-to-noise ratio, a few studies say that Glucosamine works. Most are inconclusive or negative.

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Since my 30s my knees tend to get chronically stiff. They make horrible crunching noises when I walk, and sometimes they dislocate which is extremely painful. When I do about 30-60 minutes of daily yoga work on them, my mobility and feeling improve significantly, nearly good as new. But if I lapse for a couple of days, then I can barely even walk. In addition to the yoga I do several hours of Tae Kwon Do practice per week, which is rather intensive on the legs. So much so that it scares me doing it, because I worry about another dislocation. I should also do more cycling this summer, but my eyes have gotten wonky also so it’s hard for me to see where I’m going.

Working my way to the pheezers home!

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My go-to source for analysis of peer-reviewed studies of supplements is examine.com:

The evidence seems to be that it may have very very slightly measurable effects, but barely measurable.

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I talked with my doc a bit ago, and allopurinol, magnesium, and potassium are the order of the day. The pain is basically gone, the stiffness… And crunchiness… May never be gone. Could be worse.

Heh, I could be on steroids again. Sure you feel like superman for four hours, but then that wears off and you can’t sleep for three days.

Not complaining. Hell I built a pergola this weekend.

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