Did you ever want to play questions?

Even though a lot of heat is lost to the atmosphere, can you believe it is what makes the whole thing work? Did you know I am going to build a collar and lid so I can burn an entire sack of charcoal on top?

Does this one, Snoop-doggy-dogg need to get a jobby-job?

A girlfriend’s father once described it as less painful than his knees before surgery, does that help?

I did, anyone else take a steam train ride?

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can you take yes for an answer?

seriously, and i’ll gladly be donalded for this, i had been bone on bone for nearly three years in this knee and i dragged myself through our vacaion in australia last year using hydrocodone and aspirin and i had to make a change.


You have both my respect, sympathy, and empathy–just out of a strange sense of curiosity, does consuming cartilege or glucosimine have any effect at all (even placebo)? My bones in my feet kill me and there is no surgery for that (is there?)

Different topic–olive oil aficionados, seems I just discovered I have Thomas Keller on my side, ready to give up your disgusting claptrap?

(Page 5, Bouchon)

Did anyone else’s child total their car and give their mother a broken wrist yesterday?

Will you all forgive me if I don’t post for a while because typing with one hand while holding the other arm higher than the the heart is too much to deal with right now?

(Yes, she’s entirely fine!)


Was not the one big lesson of learning to ride on 2 wheels was that any accident you walk away from is a good one?
Glad everyone is okay and isn’t the crash engineering of modern cars amazing?


Doesn’t it depend on what you’re doing? I mean, can’t we all agree that truffle oil is The Worst?

Holy schnikes!!! Can you take the time you need? And while we will miss your insightful and intelligent conversation, we all want you to, uh, not have broken wrists?

In six weeks after the worst is over can I tell you one of my broken wrist stories that is now kinda funny?

(In the mean time I have loads of empathy waves headed your way.)


Ever had truffle oil made from these and not that imitation crap?

Or even better imo, these?

Wouldn’t truffle oil made from these

be the best way to recuperate with a broken wrist?


No, who has that kind of money?

Oh dude, Thomas K-dog said it again in The French Laundry, didn’t he?

Really? Peeled carrots? And what about potatoes? Who on earth puts onion skins and carrot skins in the same category?

Have you ever had a shaved, silky, smooth, succulent, freshly buttered carrot served medium hot, with a spicy…

Crap, am I cheating on my wife with a carrot!?


Has anyone else in the thread earned a Freud yet?


Can a person Jung theirselves by their own petard?


Jebus, have I forgotten after reading a few books tonight how hard. Flipping. Core. Escoffier, Keller, ducasse, Adria, Pepin, and mallmann are?

Gordon and Wolfgang are excellent managers, but are they advancing cuisine besides being a brand? (I don’t actually know, and if anyone here is Ramsey or Puck I mean no disrespect (call me))