Ostrich chases bicyclists


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Was the camera operator in a car or something? I can’t understand why the bird would go after the leading two if the last person was also on a bike too.


It’s always more fun if you can go for a run in a group.


Ostrich: “Those are some damn weird looking birds, but I’ll join whatever flock I can get…”


terrifying. they are really territorial during mating season. i would not want to be caught if one was chasing me. their claws can rip open a tiger with one kick – imagine what they could do to a person!


My guess is it thinks they are fellow ostriches, and that they must be running away from something.


Here’s a vid of the camera operator taken from the car on side of the road as they passed.


That would require some long legs for them to kick as far as Asia…

(sorry, had to be said)


“If” dinosaurs were still around? My garden is usually full of them.


I think Chuck Jones may have mixed up a couple sections in his ornithology textbook when he came up with the “Roadrunner” character.




There’s somewhere that they race them, with jockeys. I believe the first (maybe only) rule is hang on.


Get that ostrich a Nike sponsorship!


“Ah guess we’re a-runnin, now.”

It’s very impressive how stable that bird’s head is in relation to the ground. Some martial artists and dancers train obsessively for years without ever getting that good at it.


Chased or raced?


Few people appreciate that this is the reason you don’t find many tigers in Africa.


Run with the bulls. Bike with the…


Here’s the original story from National Geographic - (apologies for the pop-ups)


And I came here to say that the video looked like the area around the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. We saw lots of ostriches in the brush on the roads around there and the terrain and vegetation is a good match.


Yo, Eddie!

Have you all seen that movie? American Flyers. Look it up.
Indeed, the scene where a dog chases the riders for “sprint training” is so iconic that the (arguably) first modern mountain bike model was named the “Yo Eddie”