Otherwise professional ad with native English voiceover uses machine-translated script

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/28/otherwise-professional-ad-with.html

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This product looks terrible. Save space using these dozens of plastic panels!

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The perfect gift for OCD sufferers. And they get to help destroy the planet! Bonus!

Nope, false advertising. In the first example, there’s about a dozen sweaters in that one cubby. After, it’s only six. To organize wardrobe, rid of self half clothing!


“You can use various kinds of clothes”

Easter egg benny that buyers would never have figured out.

I love it when advertisers show abnormally incompetent people needing a solution to their abnormal incompetence, and then provide the dumbest solution possible.

The rest of us? Well we learnt about the perils of piling folded clothes that high after the first time the pile fell over. Seems the lady in the advert never folded and piled clothes before. She could learn a lesson or get suckered by an advert. Which will she choose, I wonder? :wink:


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