Our technology is haunted by demons controlled by transhuman life-forms


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Hm, seems to me I may have heard something along those lines some years ago now.
Oh yeah, it was this guy.



That’s not the Internet of Cheating Things. That’s the Internet.


We must be reading different Alchemy texts.


When Carl Sagan’s “The Demon-Haunted World” came out I gushed about it to Art Bell via email, without going into detail about its actual subject. The next time I listened I noticed he was similarly gushing about it, which is hilarious, because it’s the exact opposite of what The Art Bell Show was all about. I like to think I got some of his listeners to at least check the book out.


Our technology

What da you mean “Our”…


Sometimes, in order to write my next book (which I am hard at work on), it feels like all I need to do is quote articles from boingboing.


I knew I shouldn’t trust that Mailer Daemon…


You trolled Art Bell? That is truly epic.


This gives me an idea for (a likely shitty) story in the vein of a far future after the mother corporations have died or mutated only an elite few know how to tweak these smart homes and they are sought after in spite of their practice being outlawed because it breaks DRM/DMCA/alphabet soup.


I wonder who that guy was.


Somewhat misleadingly, the daemons of The Old Faith are among the less dangerous entities in technology. Not especially polished manners; and can be sticklers for precise invocation; but tend to be comparatively simple, obedient; and transparent.

The ‘friendly’ ones, by contrast…


Demons in the classical sense behave surprisingly like programs. They are designed for a task. you must perform precise actions to invoke their use, have a soul devouring cost associated with use of the more useful ones, and if you make mistakes your life is ruined.


OH, I guess you are typing on some old fashioned device? Or do you dictate to a secretary to post for you?

Your doom will come in this form:


Sounds like you have experience with installing Linux on a dead badger.


Is that ever true, just trying to get any computer to work properly.


I’d read that!



As usual, Corey, the problem is not tech - but consumerism. As a maker advocate I would think this is obvious to you. It is naive to expect parasitic multinationals are more likely to act in your interests than your own friends and family. So, that’s who you design and build your house/car/television with.

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.’”

How many years do people need to repeat being abused without earnestly trying to do anything different for calling them out to go from “victim blaming” to “compassionate intervention”? How to wise up the marks?


I used to be such a nice calm well adjusted person before my family started blaming me every time the computer either hiccuped or had ransomware hijacking the browser, or was running slow as frozen molasses because of viruses.

I’ll not even bother going into the unholy rites and screams of the damned when I went linux browsing in the early 2000’s.

My biggest problem is I want to throw all kinds of things in like an alien dragon woman, a transhumanist group that goes deep into personally upgrading for the sake of protecting ‘the unplugged’ from digital nightmares, and other stuff i’m not sure how to integrate without it all feeling like a fever dream, or a really REALLY weird RP session that went off the rails years ago and never came back.