Out-of-touch Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup thinks it's "bizarre" to fight climate change (video)

Originally published at: Out-of-touch Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup thinks it's "bizarre" to fight climate change (video) | Boing Boing

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Climate Change Facts don’t care about your feelings, Brad.


“And why should I give up smoking, just to avoid lung cancer and emphysema? It makes no sense.”


who seems to ignore the “stern warning” given to his own state — specifically Northeast Ohio — about increased flooding and extreme temperatures.

I wonder what luxurious foreign vacation spot Wenstrup will refuse to return from when one of these disasters hits his constituency.


It’s because he thinks climate change will only affect non-white people in other parts of the world. Prepare yourself for a lot more of this environmental racism as climate change gets worse:

"Like Naomi Klein said in 2020 as Australia burned and the coronavirus had not yet infected the globe: “If you convince those people climate change really is real, or if it just becomes so obvious that they can no longer deny it, they don’t suddenly want to sign onto the Paris Agreement. What actually happens is they apply that intensely hierarchical supremacist worldview to the reality that what climate change means is that the space for people to live well on this planet is contracting… In other words, the racism will get worse.”


Shouldn’t he be concentrating on the conspiracy in the DoD to rate climate change as the #1 national security threat?


“If you’re putting climate change at the very top, and if that’s your god…”

Wait, so an issue that’s important to you is “your god”? I guess guns really are the Republican’s god.


He needs to be chained to a double wide in the way of a tornado, so he can shake his fist at his god.


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