Out-of-work stage manager records her show calls for those missing theater work

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What does “valuables” mean at the :15 call?


One year as we were taking down our Fringe Festival, I ssid to somebody 'you can set up your living room like the beer tent" and pretend the Fringe keeps going.

One young volunteersaid she was going to be a venue manager the next year, “because they get walkie talkies”. When I saw a pile of them at a fleamarket, I was tempted to buy one for her. The next year she did get to be a venue manager, the youngest, and she complained about all the work.

A lot of people walked around with walkie talkies during the ten days of the festival, it was an ongoing joke that a week later they’d all be much lighter, and feeling like they’d forgotten something.


Oh gosh its been years and years but listening to that I swear I felt my heart pumping and breath catching. It brought tears to my eyes


Personal valuables that the performers or crew won’t be wearing on-stage – watches, jewelry, phones, etc. They’re handed over to the stage manager or an assistant and locked up for the duration of the show.

I love her style, just the right balance of firmness, “everything’s gonna be alright” calm, and fond familiarity.


I was a stage manager/production manager for 20 years. This brought back a lot of fond memories.


Dag, that’s a joy to hear.

I was producing/stage-managing a show here in Dallas that had just completed its second performance when the stay-at-home order was issued. I optimistically told the actors to hold on to their scripts, so that we could complete the run when things opened back up.

Our company has since canceled the remainder of the 2020 season, and, to be honest, things aren’t looking so hot for 2021 either.


A local theatre has recently decided to re-open and they’re doing a musical of all things! SMDH

ETA: Just noticed that not only are they doing a musical, but it has had a sing along matinee. JFC

I think NASA should hire her.

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