Gentleman leaps onto Broadway stage to charge his iPhone

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Performance art?


The Booth Theater? I’m picturing him leaping to the stage crying “Sic semper batterius mortus!”


Why is it “iPhone rudeness” rather than just plain old rudeness? The smartphone-charging-hysteria is hardly limited to Apple products only.


“iPhone rudeness” generates more traffic.

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As the rare Windows phone user I’m more annoyed by the opposite phenomenon: “smart phone” being used as a generic term for iPhone and Android users only, with that limitation not even making it into the fine print for a lot of businesses offering phone apps. I know based on the number of users, it makes sense not to put the resources in developing apps for other platforms, but it’s still annoying and confusing when they hijack the term “smart phone” to mean a subset (admittedly, a HUGE subset) of smartphones only.


No mention of the person recording the act on their phone during the performance? Why was this person recording in the first place? Or were they just very quick to the draw?

Can’t they just have charging sockets in the seats?


“What do you call your act?”


“The Technocrats!”


Well, according to the venue’s website:

…The uproarious and provocative HAND TO GOD centers on shy, inquisitive student Jason, who finds an outlet for his burgeoning creativity at the Christian Puppet Ministry in the devoutly religious, relatively quiet small town of Cypress, Texas…

… So the plot of this play is that a guy finds an outlet. ´Nuff said.


This would have never happened if the man was carrying a battery recharger. I found a great review on the internets:

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That this person would think it’s okay to get on stage for any reason other than to flee a fire or Nixon’s ghoul strikes me as pretty fucking stupid. IIRC, there was also a toilet in the onstage set…I hope he draws conclusions from the recent hubbub that would let him refrain from any further such activities.

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