iPhone XS failing to charge when plugged in

Wow. I thought this was click-bait at first but apparently a lot of XS iPhones have various issues with charging via the Lightening cable. I’m guessing someone’s job is toast at Apple or Foxconn.

I don’t use iPhone, but I know a lot of people who do.

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his production style is rather grating, ins’t it? But looks like a serious bug.

If only system.log could be examined.

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Unfortunately in your face and all over the place with constant jump cuts is par for the course on tech review channels. Right or wrong, it’s what they think they have to do to maximize views and subscribers.

For Apple’s sake hopefully it’s a software issue. If it’s a bad sensor or control chip they’re gonna eat a lot of iPhones judging by how many in the sample had a problem.

I have a family member who’s had two problem iPhone 8s in a row, and pre-ordered the XS to give Apple one last chance before switching to Android. Now I’m wondering if he’s going to get one of the bad ones. Mind you I prefer Android, but I wouldn’t wish the frustration of three bad phones in a row on anyone.

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Maybe they’re just holding it wrong.

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