iPhone Xs charging and connectivity woes can be cured with a software update


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Thank you.

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I wonder if it also addresses the bug that Do Not Disturb settings override the alarm? - in contrast to every previous release and to common sense.


So is Apple now emulating MS in the QA dept? [note that MS has pulled the Oct update due to the fact that it can eat your docs]


I dunno. I’ve been using Apple’s operating systems since I was about 5, 35 years ago, and I would say the recent iOS, tvOS, and macOS updates are, like… 8.6 good. Which if you know Apple, means something. I’d say these point-oh issues were somewhat minor, and that in all, this has been the best round of OS updates for Apple product owners in years. Performance (making old devices feel fast), reliability and optimization (things work… better, now) are really, really nice to see in a contemporary OS update. Those tend to be so “feature-oriented.” This one actually makes things work BETTER.


Interesting, there must be more to it then that. My DnD ends at 7am, and my alarm is a bit before six. It has worked every weekday since iOS 12 came out (no weekend alarms for me!)

Maybe some other conditions also need to be true?


That is fascinating because it immediately stopped working when I upgraded and even warns me that an alarm won’t work when DnD is set.

Let me just check the instruction manual (laughing hollowly)


Yeah, but it’s Apple! People will twist themselves in knots looking for things to fault them on. I’m no blind loyalist, but my experiences with apple products have been 99.9% problem free and I couldn’t even begin to count how much of their hardware I’ve owned.


Like you, worshipping corporate entities seems ridiculous to me. And I have plenty of complaints over the years being a heavy Apple user! But all in all I agree, and again, these latest updates give me a lot of hope. Now if only they would release the damn “modular Mac Pro” and start giving creative pros a bit more love!


Yeah, I feel like the only users who really have a legitimate complaint are the pro-level and systems people. The newest mac pro is super cool and features spectacular design… and that’s about it. Everything you’d need from this level of workstation seems to have been hobbled. And dedicated server hardware? Forget about it.

I am just setting up my wife’s new phone and, going through some support docs the apple icon unicode jumped out at me. I kind of miss the days when only Apple devices would recognize it… along with most pdf markups, MS office macros and a whole bunch of other things that made working on with Apple feel like the nerds who used to obsess over J.R.R. Tolkeinn works before the films. You really had to take a major compatibility hit for the luxury of avoiding constant nagware and talking paperclips.


LOL remember the joy of CONFLICT CATCHER!!! Which actually taught me an awful lot about Sherlock Holmes’ method of investigation…


Though my first apple computer was shipped with os 9, by the time I bought it used osX was out. I had actually completely avoided computers for years because of all of the pointless misery I endured on school computers. My first computer class was run on a TSR80 and by the time I graduated Windows 95 was state of the art. I wasn’t exactly surrounded by nerds who could show me anything cool.


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