Out today, "Necessity," the final volume of Jo Walton's Thessaly books, sequel to "The Just City" & "Philosopher Kings"


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Spoiler alert


“And there’s suddenly a human ship in orbit around Plato—­­a ship from Earth”…
Relax. It’s just Saul Kripke and David Lewis come to do a 30-date stand-up tour of Necessity. Possibly a hoot, with jokes such as Who’s on first-order logic? Did you hear about the kangaroo with no tail?


brought the first book, with an expectation of being entertained, plus with humourous appreciation of the idea. i got the whole plot basis the instant i saw the title, and laughed aloud, thinking ‘’ well done, wish i had thought of that as a plot’’.
well written as it was, i got to the end as a labour, and having read it, just couldn’t enjoy it because it wasn’t, ultimately, really about Plato’s just city. instead it was long dissertation about how women have never had a fair deal, in the most relentless and exhaustive detail. and even then i read on because a) this is a true point of justice after all*, and b) story was well written which forgives a bit of polemic. but in the end it was just too relentless, and eventually had to become dishonest to keep to the polemic script.
a great idea for a good book well written technically, ruined by too heavy a hand of politics.

*but only one of the points of justice, not the ONLY one.


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