Outraged that a Taco Bell lacks WiFi, woman pulls knife on teen boys


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Meth is a hell’ava drug…


Maybe one of the boys told her to smile.


Internet access is a human right, isn’t it? You gotta fight for your right to facebook.


Sounds like something from Demolition Man.


Either there is more to this story, or she is doing a convincing audition for ‘danger to self and others’. Obviously hard to say which purely from the media report.


We all got our priorities and she wanted some WiFi with her tacos. The kids probably said something like "you want WiFi with that "and then didn’t come through. Maybe he could have bought her off with French Fries but who knows.


Similar mugshot as the gal who set her housemate on fire because they didn’t like her spaghetti.



This event can fit into the narrative that citizens require maximum access to guns and other weapons.

(Ha ha, just kidding, every event can fit!)


If this was a cheesy B-movie from the eighties Boingboing would list this woman as an official heroine. I say why wait for the invention of time travel to be able to tell this women’s story in a way that gets her love she deserves. Imagine her, perfected.

I’m thinking Bruce Campbell in a wig basically.


I like to think the wifi was quickly fixed so the boys could post pictures of her.


The only reason to buy tacos there is so you can sit down and use the wifi.


And when you’re done online throw the tacos away.


I bet some people throw them away undigested - even after having eaten them.


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