Owner of exploded building arrested getting ready to board one-way flight out the country

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Damn. Another article said he was just watching the fire. He probably thought he was a safe distance away. A firefighter was injured when glass from a windshield hit him after a gas cannister smashed into a car.

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest there was more wrong with the storage of the butane cannisters than just a lack of paperwork, although I’m 100% sure you’re correct about that. That guy is in deep shit, as he should be.


The ‘rule of thumb’ unofficially used by HAZMAT emergency managers is to back away from the scene until you can cover the entire scene with your outstretched thumb. Then you’re far enough away to orchestrate a defense.



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“…one-way flight out the county.”

If only he had decided to cycle across the county line, he might have gotten clean away.

@beschizza, although it’s technically correct that Hong Kong is outside the county, a revision to the title might avoid confusion.



Turner Lee Salter, 19, died after a canister from the warehouse struck him a quarter of a mile from the explosion

Ooof - what horrible luck!


No, there were no permits issued for that asshole to store all that flammable material. It was understood that vaping products and accessories were to be sold and stored there, and the permits were only issued for that.

Another potentially dangerous item was stored there - knives. Cleanup crews and cops found zillions of open knives at all sorts of distances from the blast.

One of the canisters flew straight into the windshield of a fire truck, which is how that firefighter was hurt.

I watched local news stories about it while it was still burning, and saw some of the many explosions. They’d put it up on yt right away, 'steada waiting for hours as they do with most stories.

It also stunk to high heaven for miles, which understandably worried people w/respiratory problems. Local police told folks to stay indoors and make sure everything was closed up tight.

Commerce Township, where this dickhead lives, is the Detroit area’s version of Badger’s Drift from Midsomer Murders. People get into all kindsa BS there. An acquaintance of my BF’s lived there, and had to call the cops on their next door neighbors for various forms of harrassment, some of which bordered on terrorism. Said neighbor’s garage exploded not long after the last time he’d called the cops on them. Yes, it was a meth lab. The cops searched the house & found tons of guns, some of which had been pointed at their neighbor and his family.

I’ve seen local news stories abt Commerce Township-ites being busted for meth labs that didn’t explode, gun stockpiles, large quantities of cocaine, money laundering, and lots of other even worse unpleasantries.


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