Ozzy Osbourne releases touching autobiographical video for his recent single, "Ordinary Man" (featuring Elton John)

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poignant. i think the one thing ozzy doesn’t have to worry about is being thought of or remembered as “ordinary.”


My favourite Ozzy anecdote involves him being arrested for pissing up the wall of the Alamo while wearing one of Sharon’s dresses. Definitely not an ordinary man. Here in Brum, he’s a local lad made good.


Crying like a baby over here.


haha, i remember the Alamo incident (one of his most famous!), but somehow i had never gleaned the detail about what he was wearing at the time. so good.


For what I remember, Sharon had taken his clothes so that he would have to stay in the hotel room and not go out drinking. The idea of Ozzy wandering from bar to bar in San Antonio, wearing a dress, drunk… If it wasn’t for the sad background of drug addiction, it would be hilarious.


TBH took my mind right to this… https://youtu.be/P1j1DUfWlq8

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I like the song. From the opening chords you can tell it’s an Ozzy Osbourne ballad, most of which have the necessary melancholia to work as an epitaph.

My personal favorite Ozzy Ballad is So Tired. Sadly the original video (Ozzy as a Hunchback of Notre Dame type character) isn’t on YouTube.

edit: found the original video on a site in Russia (pass…) but also this one in a Portugal domain so probably much safer to click (edit2: oh look it embedded anyway).


When I was a kid, before I got into Sabbath, all the freaky, ripped-jean-jacket Nelson Muntz’s of my suburban school system had “OZZY” printed on their knuckles with marker. Those early post-Sabbath tours meant we’d see the black concert shirts regularly, and the rest of the school looked down on those kids, myself included.

Thinking back to that era, it’s strange how I came to love Black Sabbath, and appreciate Ozzy as a unique, funny character. I still regularly look up the California Jam videos from the 70’s and get shivers.

I’m sure Ozzy knows he’s had a very blessed life, despite the tragedies.


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