Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-pack


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Here’s to your fuck, Frank.


Just to make this clear, a “canette” in French is what is in English a can, not a miniature can or anything.


That would keep me going for several weeks.


Sure, 99 cans of beer on the wall, but. . . what if one of those cans should happen to fall . . . ?


You know, we prefer “Sofa-Challenged.”


Given the choice of buying 99 cans of Pabst… i think i would just give up drinking altogether.



I wouldn’t give that excuse for beer away.


The Austin Beerworks 99 pack is a much much better deal, they make pretty decent brews.


Also Austin Beerworks called out Pabst for their complete lack of originality

Choice quote:

Without passion and creativity, all you end up with are watered down ideas (and beer). That’s why there will always be a place for Craft Beer. Thanks for the reminder.


Hey Hipsters. PBR uses GMO grains.



So 2018 has already thrown in the towel in Canada?


hey that is fun, I’d buy that, except that it is pabst and except it would take me 5 years to drink that much beer.


Thank you, I did need that clarified.


Finland had them beat with last year’s 1000-pack (which actually appears to be 1080 half-litre cans… so, yikes!). Yours for only €2149,20!


Interesting, it’s basically like selling the pallet as a product, it’s a hell of a gimmick though at that price and volume i can’t imagine they were looking to sell many.





which is why the store has opened the pallet, and offer individual cans for 3.68 (almost double the price). there are a few missing in the far corner.