Pac-Man bathroom mosaic tile

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I’ve been looking for saturated color ceramic tiles for flooring, but haven’t found any – they all seem to be boring muted colors. Anyone know a good source?

I’ve got cement board down, ready for this square tessellation:


Uh - MS Pac-man is there too. What is she invisible? Because shes a woman she doesn’t get a headline mention?

Jesus. What the hell is going on with the quality of BB lately?


From the arcade’s website:

“Behold the largest and best-maintained public pinball gameroom in the Pacific Northwest!”

For some time now I’ve wanted to go to Portland. Now I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I will go in there and never come out again.

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The Communist Central Planning Committee has gone to extremes to supply sufficient softballs so that each commenter can meet their quota for feminist moments.


I’ve been there twice, and it’s definitely one of the highlights of any visit to Portland (also the 24 Hour Church of Elvis, which isn’t what it sounds like). Unfortunately I’m a camel and never had to go into the bathroom, so I missed out on this awesomeness.

I’ve drunkely dribbled urine on that floor before.

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