Patio-stone Mario pixel-art


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In a perfect world the resale value of this home would go up due to this.

/I would also surface those bricks and then seal them to really make the mosaic pop.


Someone made Mario characters using 1" tiles around my parents’ neighborhood. I’d expect something like that in, say, Austin or Portland, but this was on the concrete barriers adjoining a country club. There was at least one more a couple of miles away, at an otherwise nondescript intersection. Alas, none of them lasted very long…


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The earliest source I’m finding online is a reddit thread from 2011, where the OP provides a WIP photo that none of the other sources seem to provide:

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Maybe if you tell them the bricks contain gold coins.


When re-paving my patio last year I seriously considered a Tetris motif. I planned it out and everything but in the end decided against it. I kinda wish I’d done it now.

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