Pac-man ghosts embroidered iron on patch - $2 with free shipping


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“You embroidered Blinky twice.”

“I like Blinky.”


ZOMFG! I had no idea that place existed and I’m currently 1 mile away from it.

Well there goes my lunch break.

I really hope it is also a pokestop.


There’s a similar place in Asbury Park, NJ - Silverball Museum


Liked for the subtle Blazing Saddles reference.


I saw that last week, and was confused by that. They could have saved money by increasing accuracy.


By amazing coincidence I just bought that same patch here in Japan and am also wondering where to put it.


Cute! My carry-on suitcase is black, so I put a couple of patches on it to distinguish it from all the other black luggage; this would make a nice addition.


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